Service is holy exercise. Exercise works on mind and body, making them fit and healthy: strong enough to face the demands of the day and better able to fight off illness. Service fills the same function in the life of faith. God has made us not for ourselves, but for others: through service to others we keep our faith nimble and strong.


The following are a few local and regional opportunities to serve our neighbors:

Habitat for Humanity
Homeless Hospitality Center
New London Soup Kitchen
Shoreline Food Pantry
Heifer International

Please let us know if there are particular ways that you would like to serve, in the church or community.


Heifer International – Long supported by Niantic Community Church, Heifer is a development organization that works with communities to end hunger and poverty while caring for the earth. Families receive livestock, and training in agriculture and livestock management. Heifer’s twelve cornerstone development model assures that families become self-sustaining. Each family that receives an animal covenants to pass along the first female offspring of that animal to another family in need. Thus one animal becomes many as subsequent recipients do the same. Entire communities are permanently lifted out of poverty.

Alternative gifts of livestock can be purchased for holidays and special occasions, saving lives, restoring hope and changing the future for families all over the world. Go to to learn more, and don’t forget to ask a church member about Beatrice and her goat. You’ll be amazed!

Parish Nursing

We offer various educational programs, including blood pressure screenings and guest speakers, to promote holistic care for the body, mind, and spirit. Our Parish Nursing ministry is led by health several (retired) nurses of the congregation: Marie LaTourette, Donna Hathaway, Edie Watrous.

Mission Statement of Parish Nursing: “The intentional integration of the practice of Faith with the practice of Nursing, so that people can achieve wholeness in, with, and through the community of faith where a parish nurse serves.”

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Don’t know how to knit? We’ll teach you!

Don’t have any yarn? We’ll provide it!

Need a pattern? We have ’em!

Prefer to crochet? That’s okay!

Bring a friend to the Fellowship Room at NCC

We meet the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Join us!