Christian Education

Christian Education is more than just Church School for children. It provides opportunities for people of all ages to expand their knowledge about God’s world, deepen their faith journeys, and practice that faith and knowledge within a Christian community. Our mission is “to inspire lifelong relationships with God’s story.” 

We offer Church School for adults and children on Sunday mornings, and Youth Fellowship with learning possibilities on Sunday mornings. There are also a variety of other learning possibilities during the week, including programs like Confirmation and Disciple Bible Study.

So come, deepen your faith and understanding through our various educational opportunities!

For more information, call the church office at (860)739-6208.

As our church’s vision statement says: “We are a community of Christians, learning God’s ways….”

Children & Youth Education

It takes a church community to raise a child in faith. At Niantic Community Church we believe that we are all teachers. Our goal is to start a journey with our children and help them come to know the love of God through their relationships with Jesus and each other. God meets our teachers where they are on their journey and they in turn meet the children where they are teaching them to embrace the lessons of the Bible. We teach them to go beyond the classroom and reach out to others.

Every week during our 9:30 a.m. service we have church school for children pre-school- 4th grade, Middle school class for 5-8th grade, except on the first Sunday of the month when they remain in the service for communion with their family, and a High school class for 9-12th grade every other week. We have childcare for infants and toddlers in our nursery provided by paid staff who are CPR and safe church trained. Our friendly volunteer teachers are safe church trained as well. The curriculum teaches about God and Jesus through games, videos and stories for children to learn about God in an interactive way.

To access the 2017/2018 church school registration form, click here.

Vacation Bible School

For a week in July, we bring together children from our church and other children from the community, ages K – 4th grade, for a time of interactive games, crafts, music, and drama. Read more here!

Adult Education

Sunday Morning Church School

Join members of this class for thought-provoking presentations and lively discussions as we explore some of the essential questions of our faith. Insightful perspectives are guaranteed. Answers are not.

Grab a cup of coffee and join us each Sunday morning at 10:45 in the Fellowship Room. Questions? Call Paul Helvig at 860-447-9657.

Bible Breakfasts

Each Tuesday and Thursday morning, come to Charlie’s Diner (26 West Main St., Niantic) for breakfast and Bible study. You buy your own breakfast; we provide the scripture. We start at 7:15am with a prayer, read the lessons for the following Sunday, and discuss.


Disciple is a well-recognized curriculum that goes deeply into the Bible to help increase our understanding of the central text of our faith, as well as its history and context. Like all serious Bible studies, Disciple helps us know ourselves better, too. It takes considerable commitment — Disciple courses run for 32 to 34 weeks, requiring daily reading and a weekly class — but well over 100 NCC members have found them well worth the effort. We typically begin Disciple Bible Study courses in the fall or winter, depending on interest level.

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Briefly put, confirmation is a process through which an individual decides whether she or he is prepared to become a full member of a Christian church. During the confirmation process, confirmands are invited to reflect on:

  • their relationship with God and Jesus Christ
  • their particular church and its traditions
  • their sense of connection and responsibility within a community of faith
  • their calling to share the blessings and gifts and talents they have with others in the world.

In order to uncover what the Bible and church teach us, and to discover our own convictions, the church offers some basic education. Most young persons have begun this education in Church School. When students reach eighth grade in our church, they are invited to be confirmed, which is the way by which young adults join the church. (Occasionally older students join the class, too.)

Niantic Community Church is a federated church, in full standing with both the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ. In keeping with those church traditions, our members are not required to believe one doctrine. Instead, joining our church means that members are committing to a process of formulating their own beliefs in company with others.

Why Call This Process “Confirmation”?

The sacrament of baptism brings individuals into the church, with promises to God, self, and community. Those who were baptized as infants go through confirmation to confirm the vows that others (most often parents or guardians and godparents) made on their behalf. We will speak more about the meanings of baptism during confirmation. Some confirmands may not yet be baptized; if they decide to join the church at the end of the confirmation class, their baptism will be part of the ceremony.

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